PARES search engine with AI

This new PARES search engine offers an innovative experience in direct search on digital objects using AI techniques. Handwritten Text Recognitions (HTR) methods have been applied to five documentary series with probabilistic indexing (Prlx). The research identifies words distribution over digital objects.

Search tips

Search results will be all documents which contains any of insert words.

Accents and capital letters are not taken account of.

Data is obtained via the Probabilistic Indexing (Prlx) AI technique, hence the reliability of the results obtained cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate due to the probabilistic nature of the system and the ambiguity of the data processed.

You can use confidence index to adjust de reliability degree of the results between 0 and 100. If the confidence index is high, results will be less but probably more accurate. However, if the confidence index is less number, the results will be more but with some mistakes in recover words.

Press Help and examples for more information.